DIY Baby Pocket Tee + Free Pattern

One of my first posts on this blog was my DIY baby tee made from an upcycled adult tee shirt. It’s still one of my favorites! It seems I always have an old tee shirt or scraps of knit tee shirt fabric laying around to experiment with, but it’s not always cute baby fabric (in fact, it never is!). I added a pocket to a plain baby tee and I love the result! A super cute, free, diy baby pocket tee!


The Tutorial:

Use my DIY baby tee tutorial to learn how to sew a baby tee shirt. I added the pocket after I’d finished sewing up the tee shirt.  If you want to add a pocket to an existing tee shirt, you can do that as well.

pocket tee 1

Step one:

Cut out the pocket piece.

Step two:

Fold back the top edge of the pocket piece 1/2″ and sew the sides of that fold as shown.

pocket tee 2

pocket tee 4

Step three:

Flip the pocket right side out and top stitch across the edge of the top fold.

pocket tee 5 pocket tee 6

Step four:

Press in all the sides of the pocket 1/4″.

pocket tee 8

Step five:

Pin the pocket to the shirt and topstitch around the edges, leaving the top edge free if you want the pocket to be “functional.” Make little triangles around each corner to fortify them. I try to make sure I use the same angles and amount of stitches for the triangles on both sides so that my pocket is symmetrical.

pocket tee 9

pocket tee 10


Step six:

Now you can admire your beautiful work! This is such a simple way to add some interest to your homemade baby clothes.

pocket tee 12

I love the way the shirt turned out, and how it looks on L, although he stained it the first time he wore it! 🙂 Oh well… That’s what stain remover is for!

DIY Baby Pocket Tee Tutorial + Free Pattern

If you use any of my tutorials to sew something, I’d love to see it!! You can post it to my facebook page or on Instagram and tag me @stitchesandsunflowers.

Love, Jess

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