Finish Seams without a Serger: False French Seam

Hello all! Welcome to my second post in the series that teaches you how to finish seams without a serger. This series is for those of us who want to learn to sew professionally but don’t have a Serger. It is possible! View the first post in the series about French seams here. The False … Continue reading “Finish Seams without a Serger: False French Seam”

Lace Blouse Free Pattern and Tutorial

In this blog post I’m sharing the tutorial and free pattern (yay!) for the ever-classic lace blouse. This is an exciting moment for me because it’s my first ever full size (meaning not baby clothes) pattern that I’ve created for others and digitized. That means I’m a newbie and I would love your feedback of how … Continue reading “Lace Blouse Free Pattern and Tutorial”

Finish Seams without a Serger: How to Sew a French Seam

Hello friends! This is the first post in a series that teaches you how to finish your seams without a serger. I know most beginners and some intermediate sewers don’t own a serger. In fact, I’ve never owned a serger (lately I’ve been using my M-I-L’s), so I’ve had to come up with ways to make my … Continue reading “Finish Seams without a Serger: How to Sew a French Seam”

DIY Baby Moccasins

If you’re a mom (or even if you aren’t) I know you MUST have seen the adorable baby moccasin shoes that are trending now. Apparently made popular by one of the Kardashians? What? Oh well. They are really cute. AND we have a pair of baby moccasins passed down from L’s grandpa, so obviously moccasins … Continue reading “DIY Baby Moccasins”

A Behind-the-Smile Look at Postpartum Depression

Today, let’s get real about a struggle lots of women experience alone because of a ridiculous stigma: postpartum depression. I love to talk about the joyful and beautiful moments of motherhood, but the truth is, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. None of us are perfect moms, but we are doing our best. It’s for this … Continue reading “A Behind-the-Smile Look at Postpartum Depression”

DIY Un-Paper Bag Tutorial (A Project for Beginners)

In a follow up to Tuesday’s post about the paper bag trick, I’m going to teach you how to make a re-useable un-paper bag. This is a great tutorial for beginners! It may look complicated, but the shape of the bag comes from folding the fabric, not from complicated sewing. The paper bag trick helps … Continue reading “DIY Un-Paper Bag Tutorial (A Project for Beginners)”

The Paper Bag Trick (a Beginner’s Sewing Tip)

I realize that lots of the sewing tutorials I post might seem scary or too intense for a lot of beginners out there. I want this blog to make sewing accessible to everyone, so I’m going to start a series of posts specifically for the beginners out there. We’ll start with a trick that streamlines … Continue reading “The Paper Bag Trick (a Beginner’s Sewing Tip)”

Tips for sewing with Denim

I recently finished a fun sewing project I made for a friend using recycled jeans. Let me just say, sewing with denim can be super tough! Especially when you are using recycled denim and you may be sewing through lots of layers. During this project I was able to test out denim-sewing tips I learned in my … Continue reading “Tips for sewing with Denim”

Being a Type A Mom + Four Tips that Help Me

I never realized how much of a type A person I am till I became a mom. Being a type A mom can be more stressful than it has to be. Hopefully as I share my experience with you, you’ll be able to find more peace in the craziness that is motherhood. So, What does … Continue reading “Being a Type A Mom + Four Tips that Help Me”

Outdated Skirt Refashion: Give New Life to Something Old

Today I’m giving you a tutorial for an outdated skirt refashion. While you may not have or be able to find exactly the same kind of skirt, this tutorial is meant to get your creative juices flowing, and teach you techniques you could apply to multiple types of skirts. In the 1960s, my great-grandma was … Continue reading “Outdated Skirt Refashion: Give New Life to Something Old”