How to Size Down a Button Up

Sewing can make it much easier to have good quality, classic clothes that are tailored to fit one’s own body. I find that as a young mom, refashioning my clothes lets me have a wardrobe that fits without constantly buying new clothes to match my current size. This tutorial will show you how I tailor … Continue reading “How to Size Down a Button Up”

The Worst Dressmaking Mistake I’ve Ever Made

A tragedy has just occurred. I made a super silly dressmaking mistake. One that I knew I should have avoided. Here’s how it happened. A few years ago… I took a pattern-making class and a sewing techniques class from an experienced professor who had working in both construction and pattern drafting for upwards of thirty … Continue reading “The Worst Dressmaking Mistake I’ve Ever Made”

Baby Tee from an Adult Tee (Free Pattern and Tutorial)

If you have old tee shirts lying around the house and you’d like to make a free baby tee, this post is for you. All you need is a little over an hour of time, thread, and this free pattern. As I’ve mentioned, we live on an island in Alaska with not many options for shopping. … Continue reading “Baby Tee from an Adult Tee (Free Pattern and Tutorial)”

DIY Baby Booties

When L was a few months old my mother-in-law bought him some magical fleece baby booties that STAYED on his feet! Even when he was three months old those twelve month size shoes would stay on his feet, due to the ankle elastic and handy adjustable snaps. He recently lost one bootie, so I set … Continue reading “DIY Baby Booties”