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DIY Baby Moccasins: No sewing machine or fancy tools required! Free Pattern and Tutorial | stitchesandsunflowers.com

DIY Baby Moccasins

If you're a mom (or even if you aren't) I know you MUST have seen the adorable baby moccasin shoes that are trending now. Apparently made popular by one of the Kardashians? What? Oh well. They are really cute. AND we have a pair of baby moccasins passed down from Little's grandpa, so obviously moccasins aren't a new development in…
DIY Baby Snap Booties--Sew your own 12 month baby shoes that don't fall off. Free Pattern and Tutorial. | stitchesandsunflowers.com

DIY Baby Booties

When Littles was a few months old my mother-in-law bought him some magical fleece baby booties that STAYED on his feet! Even when he was three months old those twelve month size shoes would stay on his feet, due to the ankle elastic and handy adjustable snaps. He recently lost one bootie, so I set out on  a quest to…