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DIY Un-Paper Bag: Make your own alternative to paper bags | stitchesandsunflowers.com

DIY Un-Paper Bag Tutorial (A Project for Beginners)

In a follow up to Tuesday's post about the paper bag trick, I'm going to teach you how to make a re-useable un-paper bag. This is a great tutorial for beginners! It may look complicated, but the shape of the bag comes from folding the fabric, not from complicated sewing. The paper bag trick helps to streamline your sewing process.…
The Paper Bag Trick: A Beginner's Sewing Tip to Streamline Your Sewing Process | stitchesandsunflowers.com

The Paper Bag Trick (a Beginner’s Sewing Tip)

I realize that lots of the sewing tutorials I post might seem scary or too intense for a lot of beginners out there. I want this blog to make sewing accessible to everyone, so I'm going to start a series of posts specifically for the beginners out there. We'll start with a trick that streamlines the sewing process, but that…