Three Things I Learned About Myself During my Year as a Working Mom (and First Year Teacher)

It has been about ten months since I have written or created for this blog, but I’m back with some exciting updates!

The reason I’ve been absent for so long is that at the end of last July our plans unexpectedly changed, and I got a job as a first-year teacher. I spent this last year teaching fifth grade. As a new working mom I knew I couldn’t juggle everything, so I took a huge long break in blogging.

My other exciting news is that we are expecting baby #2 to make his or her arrival very soon! The baby’s due date is June 15th, and the gender is a surprise.

Although I took a break from blogging, my year as a working mom and a first year teacher was an immense growing experience. Here are three things I learned about myself while away from Stitches and Sunflowers.

One: I’m Still a Perfectionist

I’ve always known I am a perfectionist, this is not new! However, the hardest part of being a teacher for me is that it was never, “just a job.”  As a first year teacher, I could see my teaching was not the best. This contributed lots to me being burnt out and not enjoying my work as much as I could if I saw my own successes. The lesson for me here is to practice seeing my mistakes as opportunities to change and become better.

Two: Having a Creative Outlet is Essential for my Wellbeing

When I started teaching, I dropped all of my other hobbies. I was putting in lots of extra time at work, so I didn’t think I would have time to sew as well. I learned that sewing or having a creative outlet helps me to feel whole. As a working mom, self-care should have still been important to me. Although much more of my schedule was filled with work, I wish I would have carved out some creative time.

Three: Staying at Home is What I Want to Do!

My experience teaching was not all negative, but I realized during this year that I have a greater passion for something else. While teaching I met many working moms and I realize that staying home does not work for everyone. However, I love to stay at home with my son! Long days and weeks at home can be dreary and difficult. BUT so can a day-job. I find that as a stay at home mom I can still set goals for myself and progress personally. As moms (whatever we choose) we never need to feel that our contribution is not prestigious enough or that we are selling ourselves short. Being a mom is a wonderful and important job.

I’m excited to be back at home and back in this space!

Love, Jess


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5 thoughts on “Three Things I Learned About Myself During my Year as a Working Mom (and First Year Teacher)”

  1. Congrats on Baby #2! It’s awesome that you were able to really find what you enjoy and even better that you’re able to go for it. Good luck!

  2. Although I am not a mom or a teacher, I can relate to your “I’m still a perfectionist” comment. I am too so I think if I were in your shoes I would feel the same way. I am glad you were able to think about how you feel and make the best decision for yourself.


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